среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

Silent Hill

Only God knows, how I love this serial. I'm sure, there is no person, who did not know about Silent Hill. It is a whole university. And I can't imagine how you could not be a fan of it.
Should I tell, why Silent Hill is so wonderful? Could I describe in words all my feelings about it? The most intelligence, the most stylish, the most psychological, complex game ever. Japanese, as you know, are the best in frightening. They know your deepest fears.
However, Silent Hill is so much above ordinary horror game. I can't say I fell the fear, when play it. It is more aesthetic satisfy. Brain-explosive steampunkish mix of styles, psychological background everywhere, and, of course, genius soundtrack by Akira-san.
Heather, the main hero in Silent Hill 3, is admitted as the best game character ever by me. She is so real, so scrupulously made, you just can't believe she is not real.
There is also Harry Mason, who makes you like him after first minute. 
When I thought back to all my hours in this game, it makes me shiver. It was really incredible, like a journey to another world.
Heather Mason :3

Isn't it wonderful?

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  1. I love the Silent hill series, the whole franchise in my opinion rocks, and Im glad they are keeping the quality up.

  2. I've never played any of the silent hill games.
    I'm too scared to D:

  3. I missed out on all the silent hill games too, think I played the resident evel ones instead which I didn't really like!
    Should really check the series out as they always looked really good.
    Film was pretty amazing too.

  4. 2 is the best hands down, but i also really like 3. i want to replay them now.