среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

Silent Hill

Only God knows, how I love this serial. I'm sure, there is no person, who did not know about Silent Hill. It is a whole university. And I can't imagine how you could not be a fan of it.
Should I tell, why Silent Hill is so wonderful? Could I describe in words all my feelings about it? The most intelligence, the most stylish, the most psychological, complex game ever. Japanese, as you know, are the best in frightening. They know your deepest fears.
However, Silent Hill is so much above ordinary horror game. I can't say I fell the fear, when play it. It is more aesthetic satisfy. Brain-explosive steampunkish mix of styles, psychological background everywhere, and, of course, genius soundtrack by Akira-san.
Heather, the main hero in Silent Hill 3, is admitted as the best game character ever by me. She is so real, so scrupulously made, you just can't believe she is not real.
There is also Harry Mason, who makes you like him after first minute. 
When I thought back to all my hours in this game, it makes me shiver. It was really incredible, like a journey to another world.
Heather Mason :3

Isn't it wonderful?

вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.

Guitar Hero

Today I want to tell you about the mega-drive game, well-known all around the world. Of course, it is Guitar Hero.
I was gifted by Guitar Hero 3 & Aerosmith at my birthday. I think, it was nearly the best gift ever. I user to play bass in several rock bands, so I went into it quickly enough.
There is not much I can tell you about the game. Gameplay is all that me have. It was copied from original Bemani gameplay and adopted for guitar-like controller with five buttons.
Start from World Tour part you can plug several different controllers (including drums and mic) and play together. Rather cool.
I play it time to time, when I need rest. It helps to relax very well. Turn the volume up, load "Slowride" and rock!

Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero3: Legends of Rock
Billy Corgan in Guitar Hero: World Tour

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock


понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Project Nomads

You know, I love flying. I seriously believe, that every man can fly, but just forget how. I like airplanes, flying models, birds, just everything that flies. I adore the very conception of flight.
And "Project Nomads" is a game for people just like me.
From people just like me, yes.
The philosophy of flight in every piece of it. The world consists of flying splinters of ground. Every man there has a jetpack. And biplanes.
You are one of them. You has your own flying island, which is your home and your fortress and brings you cosy feeling. And you have a jetpack, free to explore wast world of splinters (unfortunately, they are just randomly generated decorations, but pleasing anyway). And, of course, you fight another, bad flying men.
Gameplay is interesting, but not more. Graphic the same, good (for that times), but nothing special.
The main thing is flight. Lot of it.
By the way, multiplayer is something. You definitely must try it.
Too bad, this game (like many other great games) was not commercial successful, so there will be no second part. It is the greatest shame for me, but, in view of modern trend of game sequels, maybe it's better.

The game for those, who born to fly.

воскресенье, 13 февраля 2011 г.

Mirror's Edge

After two angry posts I want to tell you about something good. There ARE a few good games nowadays.
Yes, City is THAT beautiful
One of them is Mirror's Edge. After tons of shit, that has gone through your PC last few years, the surprise and pleasure of finding good modern game is much more strong.
About gameplay. That's a point. Experimental gameplay, you must have heard about it.It is really good, you just feel the same as hero. When she falls... Scary feeling.
Graphic is good too. Among other, there are interesting shader effects and incredibly beautiful gamedesign. It must be seen. It is avanguard too. Lot of shine and pure colors, I have never seen something like this in games before.
And, of course, the main point. There is a soul. Developers love their child. You can see it in every art at atrbook, in every level and character. And you will love it too.
The only negative point is that game is too short. I have started it again just after finishing.
Yes, soundtrack is also brain-explosive.

By the way, Mirror's Edge wasn't selling good. Well, today people love shit.

Oh, by the way, dynamic in game is really incredible

Concept art of Faith

Red color has a special meaning in game

And some Faith cosplays :3

Adore Red.

суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

Gothic 4: Arcania

Another sad story. I am the first fan of Gothic 1 and 2, so what I see now is tearing me apart.
Third part was bad. I wasn't auful, but really bad, it wasn't Gothic at all. Still, there were some pretty moments - several misty caves and dungeons, three paths of magic, nice (relatively) world. At least, I have finished this game, but shall never play it again, like I do with second part.
Gothic 4 is something.
First sign was not so bad. After action in a dream, a hero (new Unnamed) wakes up and talks to a girl. After that you turn around.
Thats what you will say. Design and graphic is so wonderful, as they can be. Fantastic views. Incredible sunsets and sunrises. Magic forests, where the Hero walks in shiny armour. Yes, it is really beautiful.
And that's all good about this game.
After you have pleased with great views, you'd better uninstall the game. Because all other components of it are really, REALLY disgusting.
Role playing? Yes, you can lay down on bed. Lay, but not sleep. Why do you whant to sleep? What, health? Oh, dear, here is regeneration now. Don't whant to travel in darkness? You are strange! Besides, what if you will not see our great sunrises? Playing a role? Oh my God, just look at this geek!
The hero isn't a brutal, ironic guy. It is have-no-character boy. He is totally uninteresting.
So other is. The most stupid quests ever. Awful texts. Totally linear. Idiotic humour.
I can't just count all the bad things in this game, I am in rage already. I shall play Gothic 2 immideately to ease the stress. And you should too, if you like this game.
Some screenshots with beautiful views:

пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Max Payne 3

Did you see, what they did with Max? A little part of review (http://ogl.ru):

"As you see, Max now gets some muscules, bald head, beard, just like Sam Fisher, or Bruce Willis. After events of second part, Max goes to San Paolo, and gets a painkiller addict. The game now more like Uncharted 2 - shiny, colourful, destructable environment, advanced cover system. Third part uses new engine Rage. 
Lots of action, lots of guns, and, of course, "Bullet Time". There is a multiplayer. The game will be released on PC, PS3, Xbox 360."
 Max Payne. San Paolo. Shiny, Colourful. Cover system. Multiplayer. PS3.
Well, I understand: decline of game undustry, the dictatorship of consoles, but don't you think THIS is little bit TOO MUCH?
"I was standing on the edge of that damn village. Sun was so shiny, grass was incredibly green, and bird's singing was echoing in my heavy head..."

This must be NOIR

Gears of Payne