понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Project Nomads

You know, I love flying. I seriously believe, that every man can fly, but just forget how. I like airplanes, flying models, birds, just everything that flies. I adore the very conception of flight.
And "Project Nomads" is a game for people just like me.
From people just like me, yes.
The philosophy of flight in every piece of it. The world consists of flying splinters of ground. Every man there has a jetpack. And biplanes.
You are one of them. You has your own flying island, which is your home and your fortress and brings you cosy feeling. And you have a jetpack, free to explore wast world of splinters (unfortunately, they are just randomly generated decorations, but pleasing anyway). And, of course, you fight another, bad flying men.
Gameplay is interesting, but not more. Graphic the same, good (for that times), but nothing special.
The main thing is flight. Lot of it.
By the way, multiplayer is something. You definitely must try it.
Too bad, this game (like many other great games) was not commercial successful, so there will be no second part. It is the greatest shame for me, but, in view of modern trend of game sequels, maybe it's better.

The game for those, who born to fly.

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