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Gothic 4: Arcania

Another sad story. I am the first fan of Gothic 1 and 2, so what I see now is tearing me apart.
Third part was bad. I wasn't auful, but really bad, it wasn't Gothic at all. Still, there were some pretty moments - several misty caves and dungeons, three paths of magic, nice (relatively) world. At least, I have finished this game, but shall never play it again, like I do with second part.
Gothic 4 is something.
First sign was not so bad. After action in a dream, a hero (new Unnamed) wakes up and talks to a girl. After that you turn around.
Thats what you will say. Design and graphic is so wonderful, as they can be. Fantastic views. Incredible sunsets and sunrises. Magic forests, where the Hero walks in shiny armour. Yes, it is really beautiful.
And that's all good about this game.
After you have pleased with great views, you'd better uninstall the game. Because all other components of it are really, REALLY disgusting.
Role playing? Yes, you can lay down on bed. Lay, but not sleep. Why do you whant to sleep? What, health? Oh, dear, here is regeneration now. Don't whant to travel in darkness? You are strange! Besides, what if you will not see our great sunrises? Playing a role? Oh my God, just look at this geek!
The hero isn't a brutal, ironic guy. It is have-no-character boy. He is totally uninteresting.
So other is. The most stupid quests ever. Awful texts. Totally linear. Idiotic humour.
I can't just count all the bad things in this game, I am in rage already. I shall play Gothic 2 immideately to ease the stress. And you should too, if you like this game.
Some screenshots with beautiful views:

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